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Commercial photo-polymeric resins for SLA 3D printing

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In this, we explore commercially available photopolymer resins for vat photopolymerization (stereolithography -SLA) based additive manufacturing. Here we explore resins available from two leading SLA printer makers; 3D systems for industrial printers, and Formlabs for desktop printers. Also, applications and advantages of the resins from both suppliers are discussed in detail in below tables below. 

Table 1: Photo-polymers from 3D Systems for their SLA 3D printers

Table 2: Photo-polymers from Formlabs for their  desktop SLA 3D printers 

Cover image credit- 3D systems

Desktop SLA 3D printer application: Hearing aid part made of transparent photo-polymeric material using Formlabs SLA printer can be seen in the video below

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