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We believe that the AM technologies will be responsible for nothing short of a major transformation in how materials and components are designed and fabricated in the near future. Many industries have been benefited with adoption of the AM technology in their portfolio and have seen promising results, which could not be achieved with any conventional fabrication technologies.

A lot of benefits with AM technologies are coming with certain challenges from pre- and post-processing techniques, selection of materials and AM technology, and selection of printing parameters and printing strategy. Such aspects greatly influence the final performance of the 3D printed parts and cost of 3D printing. Further, it is challenging to execute the latest technologies because of lack of proper guidance, resources and collaboration. We have put following essentials to address challenges and to progress in the filed with collaboration

AM Network

Prominent industries and AM communities are put together to share and gain knowledge, and to advance together.

Tools and Resources

Tools and resources for best use of the AM technologies can be availed here for easier and faster adoption of the technologies.

Research and Development

Latest updates and trends of the field from renowned technical research laboratories and industries published here.

AM Technologies

Working principle of AM technologies, applications of the technologies, and maker of 3D printers are detailed in the site.


Material suppliers and list of materials; metals, polymers, ceramics, and composites for 3D printing can be explored.


Explore list of industries benefited with AM technologies including mechanical, space, civil, medical, health and fashion.

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