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Polymers for material extrusion additive manufacturing: Part-2

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Following our previous blog on introduction of polymeric materials for FFF 3D printing, which describes about three different groups of thermoplastic materials: General purpose, Engineering grade and ultra-performance thermoplastic materials.

Now, let us dig little deeper into the thermoplastic polymeric materials and their advantages and specific applications. List of commercially available polymers provided below. It is to note that the operating temperature of the below polymers is different and some of the materials require high-end FFF printers for processing.

General purpose thermoplastics:

ABSconcept models, functional prototypes, tools, end use parts
stronger layer bonding, better mechanical properties
concept models, medical applications, functional parts
available in transparent colors, fast printing, better mechanical properties, requires less heat and power to print parts, bio-compatible
concept models, fashion industries, medical applications
stronger, temperature resistant and durable, stronger layer bonding, lower shrinkage, chemical resistance, odorless during printing, lustrous surface 
support structures for overhangs while 3d printing
dis-solvable filament, easy removal
end-use parts for outdoor commercial and infrastructure use
UV stability

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